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Please, see Mrs. Ribelli to know what my students are doing in reding/language arts during this school year. Thanks.

We are reading the book "Out of the Dust" and learning about how to survive life during the Dust Bowl and Great Depression.
Our first test will be Friday, 10/3/14 and study guides have gone home.

Ruby Bridges test is Thursday.
Following our test over the book Through My Eyes, we will begin a short unit of study on World War II.  It begins with Pearl Harbor and an explanation of why the Americans joined the war, continues with some picture books related to Anne Frank and the Holocaust, and move on to Hiroshima and the end of the war with a conclusion book, Sadako and the 1000 Paper Cranes.

We're working on our second book activity and beginning our second novel.

Monday:  We’re writing a newspaper book activity for our historical fiction book.  It is due Wednesday.

·         A newspaper title based on the time period and setting, front page article (book summary) with illustration, letter to the editor or obituary, plus a word jumble or crossword puzzle activity is being completed in class.

*HOMEWORK: synonym/antonym page-due Wednesday


Tuesday:  continue working on the book activity-due Wednesday

·         We will read a picture book introducing the Underground Railroad to lead us to our class novel.

*HOMEWORK Harriet Tubman fluency practice


Wednesday: finish book activity



Thursday: Begin reading Freedom Crossing, a book about a family trying to hide a fugitive slave during the time of the Underground Railroad.

·         We will be reading this book up until our winter break.



Friday:  Continue reading Freedom Crossing and various picture books about the Underground Railroad.


I appologize for not updating this recently.

We are finishing up our ‘coming of age’ and ‘weather’ themed unit this week and we will be ready to begin our ‘hero’ unit.  Starting next week, next grading period, we will be focusing upon the Underground Railroad as we read a historical fiction novel, various picture books, poetry, non-fiction, as well as speeches.  If you are interested in reading any of the text that we will be reading, a list is following the weekly activities.



Monday:  We will be reading a short chapter book about a boy photographing animals of the prairie while an unknown tornado is approaching. Not only do we learn about animals of this area of our country, but we also are able to see that wind, which usually SLOWLY erodes the earth, can be much more powerful suring times of storms as it changes the shape of the earth.


Tuesday:  Children will discover various facts about weather as they read Can it Really Rain Cats and Dogs?



Wednesday: Children will discover various facts about storms as they read Hurricanes.



Thursday: Children will continue discovering various facts about weather as they read Storms.


Friday:  Children will reinforce learned facts about weather as they read in small groups and finish this unit.




Underground Railroad Books

Wanted Dead or Alive:  The True Story of Harriet Tubman

If You Lived at the Time of the Civil War by Kay Moore

Henry’s Freedom Box by Ellen Levine

Barefoot Escape on the Underground Railroad by Pamela Duncan Edwards

Follow the Drinking Gourd by Jeanette Winter

The Picture Book of Harriet Tubman by David Adler

Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt by Deborah Hopkinson

Secret Signs Along the Underground Railroad by Anita Riggio

Crossing Bok Chitto: The Choctow Tale of Friendship and Freedom by Tim Tingle

If you Lived When There was Slavery in America by Anne Kamma

If You Traveled on the Underground Railroad by Ellen Levine

The Patchwork Path: A Quilt Map to Freedom by Betty Stroud

Aunt Harriet’s Underground Railroad in the Sky by Faith Ringgold

Unspoken: A story from the Underground Railroad by Henry Cole

Moses:  When Harriet Tubman Led her People to Freedom by Carol Boston Weatherford

Freedom Crossing







Last week's test were graded and sent home for a parent's signature.

Monday:  We are working on our first class book activity.

·         Your child should have completed the independent ‘coming of age’ fiction chapter book by today.  This book and the work completed while reading it, will be needed during class so that your child can complete the book activity that revolves around character traits and character development.  This book activity will be completed during class.

*HOMEWORK: One day this week, your child will bring home the interview sheet to be completed so it can help them act as their character and thoroughly answer interview questions by the end of the week.


Tuesday/Wednesday: Work on book activity/interview/W is for Wind book and activities



Thursday: Metaphor activity/book activity


Friday:  share independently read book's character in group interviews/presentation

We are well into our class novel.

Monday:  We are well into our class novel, Out of the Dust.  We will continue reading it all week and completing activities related to it as we focus upon the point of view, genre, theme and plot as well as character development and figurative language included within this first portion.  We should be ready for a test on the first third of the book by next Monday.


*HOMEWORK: Alliteration ABC page due tomorrow


Tuesday:  Read through page 49 in Out of the Dust,

                  complete some activities related to various figurative language


*HOMEWORK simile/metaphor page


Wednesday: Out of the Dust


*HOMEWORK:  Test Monday

Thursday: Focus on vocabulary and story elements from Out of the Dust to prepare for Monday’s test/ figurative language practice


*HOMEWORK: Test Monday


Friday:  review for Monday’s test/figurative language practice


*HOMEWORK: Test Monday






We beginning our first in class novel this week.

Monday:  We will continue to introduce the setting to our class novel that will be started tomorrow.  The story takes place during the Great Depression and is set in the Dust Bowl.


*HOMEWORK: Kids will use their story map to write a short summary of McBroom and the Big Wind.   Children will use the back of last week’s Reading Response Journal to help them comprehend what they read independently this week. Due Monday


Tuesday:  We will begin reading the book Out of the Dust.  We will read this book together as a class.  The children have their own copy of the text, but most of it will be orally read by the teacher and discussion questions will be presented regularly throughout the reading. Some of these questions will be responded by the students in their response log for a comprehension grade.

·         We will read through pages 12

**HOMEWORK: Simile assignment-Children will use the back of last week’s Reading Response Journal to help them comprehend what they read independently this week. Due Monday


Wednesday: We will continue to read and discuss Out of the Dust.  Begin reading and assignments related to W is for Wind.

·         Read through page 22.

*HOMEWORK: Children will use the back of last week’s Reading Response Journal to help them comprehend what they read independently this week. Due Monday


Thursday: We will continue to read and discuss Out of the Dust and individual W is for Wind assignments.

·         Read through page 33.

**HOMEWORK: Children will use the back of last week’s Reading Response Journal to help them comprehend what they read independently this week. Due Monday


Friday:  We will continue to read and discuss Out of the Dust.

·         Read through page 51.


*HOMEWORK: Children will use the back of last week’s Reading Response Journal to help them comprehend what they read independently this week. Due Monday

We're working with 'figurative language' this week.

Monday:  Story elements are a focus as we look at characters, setting and plot.  We’ll be introduced to personification and hyperbole today as we complete some activities within class. 


*HOMEWORK: personification/exaggeration packet


Tuesday:  Alliteration is another, active way the write with figurative language.  We’ll work with ways to use alliteration in class today.  We’ll also work with perspective as we write stories form different peoples points of view.


*HOMEWORK activity 51-52-due Wednesday/(Alliteration alphabet page-due Friday)


Wednesday: We’ve begun to focus upon the prairie and today we will start reading a tall tale about characters who live on the prairie. 


*HOMEWORK:  (alliteration abc page due Friday)

Thursday: Continue reading McBroom and the Big Wind as we focus upon similes.


*HOMEWORK: (ABC alliterating page)


Friday:  We’re focusing upon wind as we look at various reading elements




Welcome to the 2013-2014 school year!
This Wednesday evening is our open house and I look foreward to meeting all of my students' families!

Monday:  Labor Day


 Tuesday:  We are still setting up classroom routines as we focus upon good reading strategies.  We'll use a picture book to reveal good qualities of a successful individual.


*HOMEWORK:  Illustrate the vocabulary word.


Wednesday: We will role play to review and practice good reading strategies.  Figurative language activities will begin.



Thursday: What is THEME?  We'll use picture ooks to investigate this concept. We'll also continue practicing good reading strategies as we explore figurative language.


*HOMEWORK: Figurative language paper


Friday:  We will continue investigating figurative language as we read the tall tale, McBroom and the Big Wind, together in class



We're in the home stretch now.

We've finished our books and jobs for literature circle and the final grades for this are in the gradebook.

Friday we will be sharing presentation about our books with non-fourth grade audiences.

We've finalizes our AIMSWeb asesssments and this week will complete our final MAPING assesments.

This Wednesday after our field trip representatives from each of the fourth grade classes will be performing at our first annual LAF celebration.  Come join us at 2:00!

Please encourage your children to remember that we are still in class and busy trying to learn each day.  Behavior is important and completion of assignments is a must.

We're in the middle of our last unit now.

This week, and for the next three weeks, we will be continuing our animal unit as we read our independant books, complete our rotating jobs, and participating in our literature circle discussions.  Each child will have a given amount of chapters to complete by Monday and Wednesday of the next three weeks.

In class we will learn about horses, dogs and mice as we complete various activities. 

We will identify cause and effect relationshipsas as we learn about snakes.

Constelations will be created to accompany and enrich animal legends.

Short stories will be explored and poetry will be investigated.

These activities will continue for the next three weeks.

OAA testing this week.

Monday:  Today we will begin the books that the children have chosen for their final independent reading activity.  As described in last Friday’s newsletter, each child will be assigned a specific job to be completed with each read chapter.  It is imperative that this job and the completion of the chapter readings is finished by Wednesday.


Tuesday:  Due to reading OAA there will be no reading class today.


Wednesday:  Today we will begin our first day actually sharing our jobs with our literature circle groups.  The student in each group that was assigned to the job of ‘discussion director’ will have come up with thought provoking questions that will lead the group to discussions about the chapters read.  Following this initial discussion, the ‘word wizard’ will ask about and teach the definition of selected important words read in each of the chapters.  The child assigned to ‘summarizer’ will share his/her half page summary written for each of the read chapters, and finally the selected passages will be shared and explained by the ‘passage master.’


New chapters and new jobs will be assigned and completion of this will be due on Monday.


Thursday: Due to math OAA there will be no reading class today.


Friday:  We will continue activities with our animal theme by completing activities revolving around animal themed poetry.




We're starting a new themed unit this week.
  • We have one more full week left to practice OAA-type question/responses. 

  • We're getting visited by a true survivor of the Holocaust.  Please send a $1 donation to allow your child to meet Mrs. Betty Gold.  She's got an impressivly positive story to share.

  • We are beginning a new and final unit.  The theme of the unit is 'animals.' 
    Students have made selections as to their final chapter book that they're reading.  The reading of this book will be done at home along with various jobs that will be given in class.  Specific readings will be completed by given days, for on predetermined days each week the students will be meeting with other students reading the same book.  These 'literature circle' groups will meet and discuss the reading assignment.  Each member of the group will have a different job (as either the discussion director, word wizard, summarizer and/or passage master) and the groups' success will depend upon each member's participation.
  • Before beginning our chapter books, we will practice each job throughout this week by using picture books.  Assigned chapter books will come home NEXT week.

Welcome back after spring break!

Each day this week the children will be working on their book activity in class.

The children will be continuing to read passages and make inferences to answer questions about the characters and events of the selection.

Poetry has been a recent focus and will continue to be so. This does not just mean that we will only be writing poetry, but we will, as a class and independently, be reading and interpreting poetry’s meaning as well.

Monday-The children have received their graded Sadako tests.  I'm glad to see that with such constant work, reminders and searching for clues within the text ALL of the children are showing signs to ensure that they are able to PROVE their evidence.  This is something that they will be doing as successful fifth graders as well as middle and high school students.  The RAFTS written for the Sadako tests, along with the overall tests themselves, show scores to verify your child’s improvement!  Please sign and return.

STUDY ISLAND-There are only a few more weeks to work on Study Island tests as homework. Within the next two weeks, all tests should be completed.  All tests can be retaken at home as often as your child would like.  Exposure to this type of questioning will benefit your child on the OAA that will be given at the end of this month.

Tuesday and Thursday-Packets will come home.  Children are to read the selections and answer the questions.  These packets will be gone over in class, so it is vital that the questions are answered when assigned.  Please encourage your child to underline within the selection, the proof that is used to answer the questions.  As always, it is fine if you would like to help your child with these selections.

We'll be focusing on the end of World War II until vacation.
This week we will spend time focusing on the END of World War II. 

  • We have watched a video on the attacks on Pearl Harbor which brought the Americans into the war.
  • We have read some picture books and watched short movies on the devestating atomic bomb drops.
  • We're reading various books to lead us to our short, class read chapter book, Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes
  • Each child will be part of a group investigating a picture book relating to the internment camps within our country and/or characters in Japan affected by the attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  While in this group they will read a book, illustrate/describe the beginning, middle and ends, and focus upon specific story elements to create a Japanese lantern that will be shared with the class during oral presentations.
The theme of this short unit tends to make many of us quite sad; however, the lessons taught are to make sure that we learn from the past. 
Events such as these should never happen again.

  • A pre-vocabulary activity will come home prior to reading Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes,
  • A post concept activity will come home reviewing the story, Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes.
TESTThere will be a test on Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. 
Watch the assignment book for specific dates!

We are anxioulsy waiting for our special visitor on Thursday.

Monday:  We will continue to learn about the Holocaust by making literary connections with picture books.  We'll be preparing for tomorrow's test with vocabulary synonyms, antonyms, similarities and non-similarities.


*HOMEWORK: Anne Frank re-read activities due for tomorow's TEST


Tuesday:  Anne Frank test




Wednesday: Continue to learn about the Holocaust through activities with picture books.



Thursday: Ruby Bridges will come to Kirtland Elementary School to meet our students.




Friday:  We're still focusing on World War II, but moving from the Holocaust to Pearl Harbor and Hiroshima.





While we anxiously await our visit to KES by Ruby Bridges we will...

*HOMEWORK: Study Island test due Friday



Monday:  We’re beginning a new unit (WWII), starting with a focus upon the Holocaust and part of Anne Frank, Diary of a Young Girl.



Tuesday:  We’re starting to read, from our anthology, an excerpt of Anne Frank a Diary of a Young Girl and various picture books with related activities.



Wednesday: Well finish reading, from our anthology, an excerpt of Anne Frank a Diary of a Young Girl and continue reading various picture books with related activities.


·           Test on Anne Frank on Tuesday.


Thursday: We will continue various activities related to Anne Frank.  We will present projects created with various picture books and select other books that relate to topic and interest individuals.


·             Test on Anne Frank on Tuesday.

·         Reread story from anthology at home.



Friday:  We will finish activities related to Anne Frank.


·             Test on Anne Frank on Tuesday.

·         Reread story from anthology at home.


This is the last week of the year (2012).

Monday (December 17) Charlie and the Chocolate Factory chapters 27-28
·          creation of flashcards for test review



Tuesday:  Chapters 29-30/response log/reading to someone practice 

·          review of vacab/figurative language



Wednesday: final test/quiz on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (chapters 21-30).

*HOMEWORK:  "Grocery Oasis" peom

Thursday: movie "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory"

*HOMEWORKlast chance to get mising work completed till next year 

: CHOCOLATE DAY!!!  Special activities within the 4th grade classrooms all revolve around CHOCOLATE (inspired by Mr. Wonka's inventions).  

This is what's hapening until our winter break...

Monday (December 3) Charlie and the Chocolate Factory quiz on chapter 1-10
*HOMEWORK: reading passage


Tuesday:  Chapters 11-12/response log/reading to someone practice 


*HOMEWORK figurative language page


Wednesday: chapters 13-14/response log/reading to someone practice 



Thursday: chapters 15-16

·          new fluency readers' theater



Friday:  chapter 17-18

 TEST Tuesday


Monday (December 10):  

·          Chapter 19-20/vocabulary review game



Tuesday:  test on chapters 11-20 of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


















book activity #2 due Friday

Monday begin 2nd book activity


*HOMEWORK: new fluency readers' theater/inference page


Tuesday:  work on book activity/inferences/similes and metaphors


*HOMEWORK finish facial paragraph


Wednesday: work on book activities/similes and mataphors/infering



Thursday: book activities/figurative language activities




Friday:  finish book activities






Don't forget to vote this week.

 This is the second week that Mrs. Hunt, our fourth grade tutor, is with us on Monday mornings.  She'll work with small groups and all of us at some points during the school year.  Welcome Mrs. Hunt!!!

·          personification activities
 activity menus

       identifying idioms within DOL

*HOMEWORK: personification page



·        continue identifying different types of figurative language (idioms, similes) through DOL and literature
read individual Underground Railroad related text
activity menus-due Friday

*HOMEWORK:  finish personification page 

Wednesday: simile activies/finish book activities


*HOMEWORK:  simile page

Thursday: introduction to metaphors


*HOMEWORK: finish portrait with 3 metaphors and 5 similes


Friday:  activity menus due today





Freedom Crossing test this Wednesday.


·        Vocabulary review
homophone/alliteration activities
parter reading and inference making
activity menu/individual reading work




onomatopoeia introduction/activities




·        TEST
alliteration activity



·        individual reading passages
introduction to personification
activity menu

*HOMEWORK: worksheet


idiom activities/individual reading/book activities





Our book activities should've been completed in class last Thursday.

Monday Some children did not complete their book activities, and must finish them today.

  • We're ready to chose our second book for our independant book reading (due in November).  The letter/contract for you chould have come home today.
  • We will return to chapter 14 of Freedom Crossing.  When we read we focus on new vocabulary words, have meaningful discussions, and respond to writing prompts in our responce logs.
  • When we finish our response logs, the students will independantly read a related passage and respond to it.  Then they can work on their activity menus. 



Tuesday:  chapter 15 of Freedom Crossing

  • partner read/make inferences about a character
  • finish yesterday's independant responses
  • activity menu

*HOMEWORK worksheet


Wednesday: chapter 16 Freedom Crossing

  • figurative language activities (with onomatopoeia)
  • activity menus


Thursday: Chapter 17 (finish) Freedom Crossing

  • alliteration
  • activity menus

*HOMEWORK: A study guide for next week's test should've come home today.


Friday:  No reading class today, as we will devote the entire day to the Underground Railroad with guest speaker (#1), time period cooking, crafts, games, etc.

We're working on our first book activities.


·        introduction to idioms;
begin working on the in-class book activities, so that you can PROVE you read and understood the book

*HOMEWORK: fluency, continue reading 75 minutes per week, word work test Fri.



·         continue working on book activity

*HOMEWORK: new fluency passage  



·        continue book activities
independant reading assignments


Thursday: Finish book activities 


Friday: NEOEA Day-no school for students 


Thanks for your patience while this was updated!


  • begin practicing our fluency poems in class with our fluency partners
  • receive study guide for FRIDAY's TEST on Freedom Crossing.
  • make connections and review story elements while reading Under the Quild of Night
  • Abe Lincoln reading activities

*HOMEWORK: myth read and questions



  • Read chapter 8 of Freedom Crossing (TEST FRIDAY)
  • cause/efect activities
  • vocabulary review




  • chapter 9 Freedom Crossing (TEST FRIDAY)
  • make inferences about a character
  • cause and effect activities
  • vocabulary review



  • cause and effect activities
  • vocabulery review



Friday:  test on chapters 1-9 of Freedom Crossing

coming soon...
Student Lead Conferences are this Thursday.

Please check assignment books for more accurate assignments, as these plans are subject to change based upon students’ needs.

: Begin working on our final book activity
HOMEWORK: Select and practice a story for our story tellin contest/"Little Red Hen" - all week./spelling pages due THURSDAY

Tuesday: Continue working on our final book activity
HOMEWORK:   Same as Monday-


Wednesday:  Return to 'Literature Circle' stories as we work on book activities.

*HOMEWORK: finish spelling

Thursday:  'Literature Circle' stories/book activities
*HOMEWORK:  'Little Red Hen'

:  finish book activities
HOMEWORK:  Practice story telling book




Groovin' with the Glaciers trip is Thursday!

Please check assignment books for more accurate assignments, as these plans are subject to change based upon students’ needs.

: chapter 3 of our new literature circle books/April calendar due today/recieve new spelling rules for our word sorts
HOMEWORK: continue practicing "Casey at the Bat"/finish spring break paragraph

Tuesday: chapter 4 of our new literature circle books/finish word sorts


Wednesday:  next chapter of our literature circle books/share "Casey at the Bat with 2nd graders

*HOMEWORK: Get a good night sleep and return to school EARLY

Thursday:  See the itinerary for our trip...individuals not joinging the class will report to KES office and have activities to do at school

:  NO SCHOOL-compensation day...We'll see you at student lead conferences!  





OAA testing this week...You can do it!

Please check assignment books for more accurate assignments, as these plans are subject to change based upon students’ needs.

:  peotry and passage/selection review


Wednesday:  Write our spring break paragraphs/Begin our 'literature circle' new book- We will NOT change class routine today.  Friday is the first day that we will switch classes.


Thursday:  OAA math test





More reading about the underground railroad before break.

Please check assignment books for more accurate assignments, as these plans are subject to change based upon students’ needs.

: Continue reading our book all week.  We'll finish it after vacation.
HOMEWORK: worksheet

Tuesday: We're still preparring for the OAA which will be shortly after vacation.
HOMEWORK:    Study Island test


Wednesday:  more chapter reading/OAA practice

*HOMEWORK:  OAA passage

Thursday:  OAA practice and reading our book





One full week before our vacation.

Please check assignment books for more accurate assignments, as these plans are subject to change based upon students’ needs.

: get new book for last book activity assignment/"Follow the DrinkingGord" reader's theater/chapter 6 in our book/new DSA words (test next Thursday

*HOMEWORK: Study Island/readers' theater/contract

Tuesday:"Follow the DrinkingGord" reader's theater/chapter 7 in our book/work with new DSA words (test next Thursday)/Study Islland and OAA practice
*HOMEWORK: finish class-worksheets

Wednesday: "Follow the DrinkingGord" reader's theater/chapter 8 in our book/OAA practice/language arts activities
HOMEWORK: Study Island

Thursday: Perform "Follow the DrinkingGord" reader's theater/chapter 9 in our book/work with new DSA words (test next Thursday)/Study Islland and OAA practice
*HOMEWORK: worksheet

:  Chapter 10/perform "Follow the Drinking Gord"?OAA and DSA practice activities
HOMEWORKWe're finishing our book on Monday and DSA spelling test is THURSDAY.  



I hope you've finished your book and prepared to "Prove it n 5!"

Please check assignment books for more accurate assignments, as these plans are subject to change based upon students’ needs.

: The children chose their dates for this week to present their five minute oral book presentation.  Presentations should have been planned, timed and practiced at home.  Each presentation must describe the basics of the book within 5 minutes. 3-5 presentations will be given each day.

We're beginning our new novel today. Ask your kids to explain the first chapter.

HOMEWORK:  Practice "Prove it in 5" and spring fluency peoms.  3 spelling activities due tomorrow.

Tuesday: Continue to practice fluency/spring peoms, "Prove it in 5" presentations, and chapter 2 of our novel
HOMEWORK:   Practice "Prove it in 5" and spring fluency peoms. 


Wednesday:  Continue to practice fluency/spring peoms, "Prove it in 5 presentations," and chapter 3 of our novel
*HOMEWORK:   Practice "Prove it in 5" and spring fluency peoms.  WORKSHEET


Thursday:  Continue to practice fluency/spring peoms, "Prove it in 5" presentations, and chapter 4 of our novel
HOMEWORK:   Practice "Prove it in 5" and spring fluency peoms.

  Share our peom with kindergarden peotry partners/spelling TEST, finish "Prove it in 5," chapter 5 of our novel



We've finished our WWII unit and we're headed toward the underground railroad.

Please check assignment books for more accurate assignments, as these plans are subject to change based upon students’ needs.

: get new words for our word sort/word study; Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes evaluation; introduction to 'Underground Railroad' book that we'll be reading for the next few weeks.

HOMEWORK: reader's theater/read (book due Monday)/diary (due Friday)

Tuesday: Begin reading Underground Railroad chapter book as a class.
HOMEWORK:   shamrock packets


Wednesday:  Continue reading Underground Railroad chapter book with various activities/OAA practice/sign up for 5 minute oral presenation on the book that is due Monday.

*HOMEWORK: Study Island test/spelling activities

Thursday: Continue reading Underground Railroad chapter book with various activities
*HOMEWORK:  spelling activities/reader's theater/read (book due Monday)/diary (due Friday)

Friday:  Continue reading Underground Railroad chapter book with various activities
*HOMEWORK BOOK DUE MONDAY with 5 minute oral presenation




Thank you to all of your well wishes and caring words over the past week!

Please check assignment books for more accurate assignments.

:  After discovering how the US joined WWII, we will read a book titled Hiroshima.  This short unit is to teach that something like this can never happen again.
HOMEWORK: spelling-Using one of our lists of words...circle the spelling patterns

Tuesday: Continue learning about Hiroshima and the end of WWII through literature.
HOMEWORK:   anticipation guide


Wednesday:  Begin reading Sodakko ant the 1000 Paper Cranes.

*HOMEWORK: spelling/word study test Friday.

Thursday: Continue reading Sodakko ant the 1000 Paper Cranes.
*HOMEWORK:  spelling/word study test tomorrow

:  word study/spelling test; finish reading Sodakko ant the 1000 Paper Cranes.

We'll have a test on our Anne Frank story this Wednesday.

Monday:  We'll select new books (fiction or nonfiction) for our next book activity.  We'll finish our portion of Anne Frank: Diary of a Young Girl.  Sort our new word study words for next Friday's spelling test.

HOMEWORK: get contract signed/practice "Clementine" 2x/reread Anne Frank and complete paper by Wed.

Tuesday: Discover 'What happened to Anne Frank' and continue our study of the Holocaust
HOMEWORK:   practice "Clementine" 2x/reread Anne Frank and complete paper by Wed.


Wednesday:  Happy Leap Day!  Anne Frank TEST

*HOMEWORK: keep sake leap day letter

Thursday: Continue our WII study as we move toward the ending of the war.







Book Activity Week

Monday:  We will begin a new readers theater and practice it all week.  Please continue to initial to verify that your child practices the act orally at home (2x).  We will also be given the directions for our 3rd book activity.  It is due on Friday and will be completed in class.  Summaries and character trait notes are due today.

HOMEWORK: Alien Invasion/readers' theater

:  We will contintue to work on our book activities and spelling acitivities.

HOMEWORK:   value of DSA words/readers' theater

Wednesday:   We will contintue to work on our book activities and spelling acitivities, plus OAA practice.

*HOMEWORK:  reading passage homework/readers' theater

Thursday:  continue book activities and various reading activities
*HOMEWORK:  readers' theater/word study TEST

:  Finish book activities/sord study/SPELLING TEST/readers' theater/various reading activities


We're still working on our civil rights unit.

Monday:  Get new word study words for next Friday's spelling test.  Complete (at least part) of FROST sides of MLK pages (backsides homework).  Continue 'Civil Rights' activities with pictures books and readers' theater. 
HOMEWORK: Finish BACKSIDES of 2 MLK pages.

Tuesday: 4TH GRADE SPELLING BEE (Good luck to all contestants!).  Continue reading Through My Eyes by Ruby Bridges.
HOMEWORK:  Complete 4 spelling activites by NEXT Wednesday.


Wednesday:  Finish reading Through My Eyes by Ruby Bridges. OAA practice/continue covil rights activities


Thursday: main idea/analogy activities; intro to 'Study Island'/continue covil rights activities
*HOMEWORK:  analogy Valentine page




MondayDOL/We'll get new words for our word study/spelling unit (test NEXT Friday).
We'll begin various activities to learn about Dr. Martin Luther King Junior and his quest for civil rights (including learning about his famous "I Have a Dream" speech.
HOMEWORK: MLK assignment

Tuesday: DOL/We'll focus upon the 'rules' for our spelling pattern and search for more words that follow the patterns.  MLK/civil rights activities.
HOMEWORK:  Find words to add to snowballs for our 'snowball scuffle.'


Wednesday:  DOL/OAA practice.  Continue learning about ciil rights movement and MLK.  Read biography of Thurgood Marshall and discover his role in the civil rights movement.


Thursday: DOL/Continue learning about the civil rights movement.
*HOMEWORK:  'Nobel Prize' writing


Monday-begin book activities
homework: Trim a Tree

Tuesday-continue book activities
homework: Ho Ho Homophones

Wednesday-continue book activities/activity menus
homework: Packaged Plurals

Thursday-continue book activities/activity menus
homework: story-due Tueaday

Friday-finish book activities/activity menus

Monday (12/19)-inference game
homework: story due

Tuesday-(12/20) FIELD TRIP

Wednesday (12/21)-compare/contrast Island of the Blue Dolphins movie to book

Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday:  We're not reading a new chapter in our book this week, nor are we getting new word study patterns/spelling words.

  • We'll be continuing to work on our activity menues and our fluency.
  • We've got various Thanksgiving related/language arts activities that we'll complete during class.

*HOMEWORK: Get test signed.

Tuesday: Finish language arts activities and continue fluency/activity menus.
ENJOY YOUR BREAK!!! (Wednesday-Monday)

Tuesday: Chapter 24-25/new word study (spelling) patterns


Wednesday:  Chapter 26


Thursday: Chapter 27-28

:  Finish Island of the Blue Dolphins on Monday due to all district field trip to Hornet state championship game.

What's going on this week?

Monday:  Chapter 20 (TEST THURSDAY-study guide came home Friday); possessive noun activities
HOMEWORK: TEST THURSDAY; finish possessive noun page

Tuesday: possessive noun activities; Chapter 21; speling activities
*HOMEWORK: TEST THURSDAY; finish possessive noun page; word study TEST Fri.

Wednesday:  chapter 22; activity menus, spelling activities

*HOMEWORK: TEST THURSDAY/word study (spelling) TEST Friday

Thursday: TEST over chapters 11-20; cause and effect activities
*HOMEWORK:   word study (spelling) TEST tomorrow

:  spelling test/chapter 23


No school Tuesday due to conferences.

Monday:  chapter 15/response logs, new DSA words, activity menus
HOMEWORK: verb worksheet

Tuesday: NO SCHOOL

Wednesday:  chapter 16-17/response logs, OAA practice activity, DSA word activities, activity menus


Thursday: chapter 18/response logs, cause and effect game, activity menus
*HOMEWORK:   cause and effect paper

Friday:  chapter 19, problem/solution activities
HOMEWORK:  DSA test next friday


Monday:  Chapter 10 in Island of the Blue Dolphins/Halloween activities

***Each day when we read a chapter in our book we reflect and respond to a related prompt in our response journal.  We then can work on activities from our 'activity menu.'  We can chose any activities that add up their value to 100.  We will continue this each day until well after the book is finished and we've had our 3rd and final test on the novel.
HOMEWORK: Test Wednesday on the 1st 10 chapters/spelling activities due Wed./spelling test Fri.(ALL GUIDES FOR THIS WENT HOME LAST WEEK.) 

Tuesday: Chapter 11 in Island of the Blue Dolphins
HOMEWORK Test Wednesday on the 1st 10 chapters/spelling activities due Wed./spelling test Fri.

Wednesday:  TEST on the 1st 10 chapters of Island of the Blue Dolphins/noun-verb activities

*HOMEWORK: worksheet/spelling test FRIDAY/worksheet

Thursday: chapter 12 of Island of the Blue Dophlins
*HOMEWORK:   spelling test TOMORROW

  spelling test/chapter 13 of Island of the Blue Dolphins

We're choosing new fiction books this week.

Monday:  Select new fiction books to be read at home for our second book activity; Chapter 4 of Island of the Blue Dolphins; Sort new spelling words with new patterns for test on Nov. 4; Begin working on activity menu
HOMEWORK: have contract signed; spooky spelling due Halloween

TuesdayChapter5-6 of Island of the Blue Dolphins; cause and effect activities; work on activity menus
 *HOMEWORK spooky spelling due Halloween


Wednesday: Chapter 7 of Island of the Blue Dolphins; continue cause and effect activities; activity menus
*HOMEWORK: spooky spelling due Halloween; cause and effect of raking leaves

Thursday: Chapter 8 of Island of the Blue Dolphins.
*HOMEWORK:  spooky spelling due Halloween

:  Chapter 9 of Island of the Blue Dolphins.
HOMEWORK:  spooky spelling due Halloween

What's going on this week?

Monday:  fact/opinion, dol and spelling activities; Introduction to the new book we'll be reading in class, Island of the Blue Dolphins; brainstorming for a creative writing activity
HOMEWORK: Spelling castle (3 in a row) is due tomorrow+Coctober fact/opinion page

Tuesday: creative writing activity from the perspective of a leaf
HOMEWORK story and cause and effect page due Thursday


Wednesday:  Chapter 1 of Island of the Blue Dolphins; introduction to response log

*HOMEWORK: story and cause and effect page due Thursday

Thursday: Chapter 2 of Island of the Blue Dolphins, introduction to activity menu
*HOMEWORK:  worksheet

:  DSA TEST; Chapter 3 of Island of the Blue Dolphins/activity menu work


What's happening this week?

Monday:  Begin book activities
HOMEWORKArctic Explorer: The Story of  MATTHEW HENSON test/reread due

Tuesday: Arctic Explorer: The Story of  MATTHEW HENSON test/ work on book activity


Wednesday:  DSA/work on book activity

*HOMEWORK: cause/effect activity

Thursday: finish book activities/creative writing activity

:  NEOEA DAY-teachers at conferences...NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS! 

Our plans for the upcoming week...

                 We'll review for tomorrow's quiz on figurative language, DSA vocabulary assignment
*HOMEWORK: WHAT A GEM  paper to study for figurative language quiz tomorrow/DSA test Friday/Get McBroom test signed/new reading log went home for Oct. today

Tuesday: figurative language quiz, metaphor poem, begin word knowledge study for our new story
HOMEWORK: DSA test Friday/SCARY SIMILES (both sides)


Wednesday:  Begin reading Matthew Henson, Arctic Explorer

*HOMEWORK:DSA test Friday,

Thursday: Continue reading Matthew Henson, Arctic Explorer
*HOMEWORK:   DSA test Friday,

Friday:  DSA test, Finish reading Matthew Henson, Arctic Explorer

Welcome to Fourth Grade!


I'm very excited to have you within my classroom, and I'm thrilled to get the school year started! 

More information will be at my website soon.

Importand trip reminders!
The chaperone meeting begins at 7:00am and the other kids will need to be dropped off at 7:10 for a prompt 7:30 departure.  Make sure to pack a lunch and bring money for a fast food dinner.  As we don't have school today, I'm unable to remind kids to bring a sweatshirt (it'll be chilly on the boat) and/or rain poncho (that hopefully we won't need), so please pass on the reminder to anyone you know.  Thanks.  I look forward to seeing everyone in the morning!  We should return to KES around 9:00pm.
We started our book activities last week.
We will work to continue our book activities this week as we finish our literature circle discussions/reading/job completions.

All of the children should be practicing their story for their story telling contest.

May activities until our big trip:
We have divided into various 'literature circle' groups.  Some of us have gone to Mrs. Ribelli's room and some of her clases have joined us to read either School Mouse, The Enormous Egg, The Summer of Rilley, Misty of Chincoteague, Shiloh and Sounder.  We will continue to read and rotate through jobs of Discussion Director, Work Wizard, Summarizer, Illustrator and Passage Master.  We will continue reading these books until we finish them, just prior to our 'Groovin with the Glaciers' trip (where we'll watch movies of some of the books on the road).
week of April 11:

Monday OAA practice/cretion of more personalized poems

*HOMEWORK: OAA practice selection


Tuesday:  OAA practice with Mrs. Hunt/LawnBoy
HOMEWORK OAA practice selection


Wednesday:  OAA practice
HOMEWORK:  OAA practice selection

Thursday: OAA review/LawnBoy

*HOMEWORK:  OAA passage


Friday:  Last chance OAA practicewith Mr. Mendez

week of April 4:

Monday Finish OAA group practice from Wednesday.

*HOMEWORK: "Casey's Braces"


Tuesday:  main idea review/DOL/Lawn Boy
HOMEWORK "The Appleseed Man" 


Wednesday:  OAA practice/Wordle theme activities
HOMEWORK:  "Kudzu"

Thursday: Lawn Boy/DOL

*HOMEWORK: egg paper


Friday:  DOL/OAA peotry review


Week of March 28:
Monday:  Select new books for our last book activity/OAA test prep
*HOMEWORK:  reading selection and questions
Tuesday:  Sadako video/final activities
Wednesday:  reading passages in small groups
*HOMEWORK:  worksheet
Thursday: Begin LawnBoy
Friday:  LawnBoy
Week of March 21:
Monday:  Begin Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes, a story about a Hiroshima survivor who contracts the 'atom bomb desease'
*HOMEWORK: Root it Out
Tuesday:  Visit from Holocaust survivor
Wednesday:  Finish Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes
*HOMEWORK:  Sadako paper
Thursday: Finish computer activities about Japan
*HOMEWORK: rabbit paper
Friday:  Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes test
Week of March 14th:
Monday: Read another Holocaust picture book.  Finish book activities and work on creating complete compound sentences. 
*HOMEWORK: 3 page packet due Friday 

Tuesday: Continue focus on WWII as we direct our focus on Japan and the ending of the war.
*HOMEWORK: packet due Friday/Complete Mrs. Ribelli's 'Holocaust Surviver' blog

Wednesday: Activities to lead to the story of Sadako and the 1000 Paper Cranes.  Read Hiroshima stories, map out Japan.
*HOMEWORK: packet due Friday/Complete Mrs. Ribelli's 'Holocaust Surviver' blog

Thursday Activities related to the story, Sadako and the 1000 Paper Cranes.   Continue reading Hiroshima and read Shin's Tricycle.
*HOMEWORK: packet due Friday/Complete Mrs. Ribelli's 'Holocaust Surviver' blog

Friday: OAA review (The Carousel)  picture books/ begin reading Sadako and the 1000 Paper Cranes
In case of snow day…plans will generally be pushed to the next day of school.
The following plans are subject to change pending student reactions…
Long term projects/testRe-read of anthology story and test on Anne Frank this Friday; new March reading log comes home Tuesday; We begin book activities next Monday, March 7.

Monday DOL (idiom review); word knowledge/pre-reading activities revolving around vocabulary patterns with Anne Frank, Diary of a Young Girl;
*HOMEWORK: worksheet

Review cause/effect with Mrs. Hunt; DOL; discuss diaries; read part of Anne Frank from anthology
*HOMEWORK: Begin a March diary (due with March reading log)

DOL; Continue our 'survival theme' with Holocaust activities: picture books videos, etc.
*HOMEWORK: re-read of Anne Frank, Diary of a young Girl from anthology (due Friday for test)

DOL; Continue our 'survival theme' with Holocaust activities: picture books videos, etc.
*HOMEWORK: worksheet/TEST tomorrow

Friday Open book TEST
This is a new website.

Since this is a new website, it will take a while to get used to.  Please bear with us.

Expect new flexible groups in our reading classes as we begin books regardig the topic of WW2/Holocaust. This will continue for the next month or so.  Books are due for our book activities March 7.

In science chemical and physical change experiments will continue for this week and the beginning of next week.  Expect a test on March 4.

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